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NZBVortex 2.11.3 - Lightweight Usenet NZB download client. (Demo)

NZBVortex 2.11.3 - Lightweight Usenet NZB download client. (Demo): "

NZBVortex is a small, efficient, and powerful NZB client for OS X, optimized for performance and ease of use--a usenet client which really takes the pain out of usenet downloading the most efficient way.

Please note: You need a subscription to a usenet server or one from your Internet provider. If you have any issues at all, contact us at info@nzbvortex.com.


  • Very efficient multi-server, multi-connection downloads
  • Web and iPad interface included - works great on your tablet
  • Robust and reliable
  • Simple and intuitive UI
  • Simply the best post-processing
  • Smart pre-checks for junk and passworded NZBs
  • Cleans up your downloads after they are finished
  • Optimize download size, smart-skipping Samples and par2 files
  • Post processing, parring, unnrarring, unzipping, joining
  • Quick data checks using CRC32, SFV and PAR2
  • Shutdown/sleep when all downloads are completed
  • RSS feed watcher - automate your downloads
  • NZB watch folder - add nzbs from a specific folder
  • Support for yEnc and UUEncode encoded downloads
  • Supports SSL servers
  • Low SSD wear - we optimize disk I/O
  • Download throttling/limiting
  • Growl and OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion notifications support
  • Automatically move downloads to desired folders
  • Scheduler -- disable or limit downloads at specific times
  • Open network API for 3rd party developers to control the queue
  • much more

Version 2.11.3:
  • Improved OS X 10.9 Mavericks power management support - prevent AppNap, SystemSleep and mark as background process
  • When trying to wild-card checking - try wildcard with par2 prefix if it finds 1 or more matching file
  • Remove several Thread sleeps in favour of semaphores -less cpu wakeups
  • Too much disk/io during parsing of NZB - bad moment for segment missing check
  • Lower memory usage while parsing large NZBs
  • Move from KVO to simple setProperty overloading for report DataObject changes
  • Crash while having RSS feeds without name (empty string)
  • Implement PAR2 filedescription packet parser - better quick check for obfuscated downloads
  • Add NZBGrabit obfuscation format (x01, x02 or x001, x002 filext)
  • Add support for unofficial (X-DNZB-Failure) DirectNZB header - auto get new NZB when NZB fails (DOGnzb)
  • Upgrade RAR to version 5.0 (zipped rars example)
  • Don't add intermedia episodes for full year episodes (2013.09.24 resolved to season 2013 episode 924)
  • Only two items visible on scrollviews when it's containing view is becoming visible again
  • Improve view switch animation, more smooth and layered
  • Auto renaming of 'one file result' after download doesn't work anymore
  • RSS: TVshow watchers should process from new to old
  • RSS: TVshow watchers should process all feed items, even the downloaded ones
  • Data is not written to destination drive if download started with destination drive offline which was later connected
  • Don't pause NZBs with password when password in NZB filename {{password}}
  • Check for missing articles inside the NZB - some NZBs are not complete
  • Deleting specific RSS TV Show Episode States deleted them all
  • UI threading issue during finish search
  • Improve HTTP download code - redirects and partial urls
  • Edit ended after entering one character when table view column has sorting enabled
  • Quitting app causes current downloaded to be marked with error
  • Fix low occurrence crash in SSL error handling

OS X 10.6 or later

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(Via MacUpdate - Mac OS X.)

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