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Little Snitch 3.1 - Alerts you to outgoing network connections. (Demo)

Little Snitch 3.1 - Alerts you to outgoing network connections. (Demo): "

Little Snitch sees what happens under the hood.

A firewall protects your computer against unwanted guests from the Internet. But who protects your private data from being sent out? Little Snitch does!

As soon as you're connected to the Internet, applications can potentially send whatever information they want to wherever they want.

Sometimes they do this for good reason, on your explicit request. But often they don't. Little Snitch allows you to intercept these unwanted connection attempts, and lets you decide how to proceed.

Little Snitch informs you whenever a program attempts to establish an Internet connection. You can then choose to allow or deny this connection, or define a rule how to handle similar, future connection attempts. This reliably prevents private data from being sent out without your knowledge. Little Snitch runs inconspicuously in the background and it can also detect network related activity of viruses, trojans and other malware.

Version 3.1:
  • Automatic Profile Switching This new feature allows you to assign networks (for example your Wi-Fi network at home, a public hotspot, etc.) to certain profiles. Whenever you join one of these networks, Little Snitch detects the network change and switches to the associated profile automatically.
       When you join a network for the first time, Little Snitch shows an alert window allowing you to choose the desired profile. Alternatively you can configure a default profile that will be used for all unknown networks.
       The mappings between profiles and networks can be reviewed and edited later in Little Snitch Configuration, either in the profiles section of the sidebar, or in the new 'Known Networks' window (⇧⌘K).
       Automatic Profile Switching is off by default. To use it, it must be enabled in Little Snitch Configuration > Preferences > Automatic Profile Switching.
  • In the menu bar item 'Silent Mode' and 'Start/Stop Network Filter' entries are now hidden if 'Allow Preferences Editing' is disabled.
  • Improved 'Restore Factory Defaults' feature.
  • Updated help section to reflect changes mentioned above.
  • Fixed a bug which caused a kernel panic in some rare cases.
  • Minor other bugfixes and improvements.

OS X 10.6.8 or later

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(Via MacUpdate - Mac OS X.)

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