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Bookpedia 5.1.6 - Book cataloging utility with iTunes-like interface. (Shareware)

Bookpedia 5.1.6 - Book cataloging utility with iTunes-like interface. (Shareware): "

Bookpedia is a book cataloging software for Mac OS X. To save you time and effort it retrieves book information from the Internet, either by entering keywords or using a webcam or a scanner. Create smart collections and start a wish list and a borrowed list so you never loose a book again. View your entries as a standard list, browse only the covers in grid view or Cover Flow or use the details view for a personalized look of Bookpedia. Share your collection with friends, using the customizable HTML export templates.

Version 5.1.6:


  • 'Print Selection' menu option. Bring it up by holding down the option key when visiting the File menu or using the keyboard shortcut Command-Option-P.
  • The ISBN column is automatically displayed in the list view when viewing duplicates for easier visualization if duplicates were detected via ISBN.
  • The 'Download Covers from…' command now does a more extensive search based on title and other attributes and not only on unique ID numbers.
  • The Wikipedia search plugin now adds country URLs if possible instead of the default English.
  • Statistics.xml and statistics.html files that have been customized by the user can be stored in the program's data folder for prefered display.
  • 'sortByLabel' option in the statistics for alphabetical/ chronological sorting instead of by value.
  • Years are now sorted chronologically by default in the statistics.
  • Updated Collectorz XML import.
  • Secret preference to tell the program to move linked files with certain extensions directly into the data folder/downloads: defaults write com.bruji.bookpedia 'Automatically Move Link Types' -array 'pdf' 'jpg' ...
  • PNG transparency respected in Cover View when PNGs are used.
  • The grid view baseline alignment is on the bottom edge of the images now instead of in the center.
  • Small margin update to the grid view for an improved layout.
  • Improved localizations, especially French.
  • Importing a file into the program via drag and drop onto the Dock icon did not automatically save the imported data.
  • Selecting further preference options in the Preferences/Sites would bring up the add panel.
  • The key localeLanguage was not being set for internal searches with the Amazon plugin.
  • ISBNs are now automatically cleaned up before a Doghouse submission after some issues with dashed ISBN-10 numbers that were 13 digits long.
  • Booxter XML import.
  • Exception that could occur in the logs with certain settings while copy pasting a search string into the list view.
  • Some long dates with days could be read ambiguously and displayed wrong.
  • The 'Add & New' function would not check for duplicates.
  • Using the Command-F search command while editing now brings up a warning about unsaved changes.
  • Scrolling elasticity on the horizontal axis in the grid view is fixed.
  • Details view would cache local images and not update them when changed, such as epub cover files.
  • ISBN matching with dashes in Doghouse when using the 'Update from...' command.
  • Google Books no longer presents with 'Limit Exceeded' error message.

OS X 10.5 or later

More information"

(Via MacUpdate - Mac OS X.)

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