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MilkyTracker 0.90.85 - Create .MOD and .XM module files.. (Free)

MilkyTracker 0.90.85 - Create .MOD and .XM module files.. (Free): "

MilkyTracker is an open source, multi-platform music application for creating .MOD and .XM module files. It attempts to recreate the module replay and user experience of the popular DOS program Fasttracker II, with special playback modes available for improved Amiga ProTracker 2/3 compatibility.

MilkyTracker's key features:

  • Fasttracker II like, custom graphical user interface with context menus
  • Supported on multiple platforms including portable devices
  • Very accurate .XM replay compared to FT2
  • ProTracker 2/3 playback modes for playing and editing .MOD files
  • Various resampler options including emulated Amiga 500/1200 sound output
  • Choose between a modern and a true-to-FT2 editing scheme / keyboard layout
  • Tabbed user interface for opening and playing up to 32 modules simultaneously and for exchanging data between them
  • Over 30 imported module formats
  • Basic archive support for loading zipped, powerpacked and UMX modules directly
  • Rendering songs/patterns to disk (.WAV) or directly to sample
  • Powerful sample editor featuring waveform generators
  • In-depth instrument editor featuring envelope zooming and scaling and support for copying and swapping instruments and samples across tabs
  • Low latency audio driver support
  • MIDI In support
  • Module optimizer
  • Internal file browser option
  • Various font sizes for improved visibility of pattern data
  • Prospective pattern view option
  • Playing and editing simultaneously
  • Live mode for seamless pattern changes
A couple of facts:
  • MilkyTracker is not based on any common module replay. Its core MilkyPlay has been in development since the mid-90s, originally as a Digitrakker .MDL player.
  • MilkyTracker development started a decade later for the Pocket PC and it still fully operates on rather humble PDAs.
  • MilkyTracker is and will stay a 2nd generation tracker. There are already several good 3rd generation trackers out there.

Version 0.90.85:

Whats New:

  • Ability to move dialogs.
  • Keyboard shortcut Shift-U (unmute all).
  • Unix/SDL version now uses system libzzip.
  • Updated section panel to handle multiple pages.
  • Basic quicktime support on OSX.
  • LHA archive support.
  • Colour table import/export.
  • gzip compression support.
  • New font: IDC-Harmonica (12x12)
  • New font: IDC-MicroKnight (12x12)
  • Ability to detect desktop display resolution.
  • Added '1' as note-off key in MilkyTracker mode.
  • Ability to adjust screen magnification factor.
  • Milkyplay license changed from GPL to BSD (MilkyTracker remains GPL).
  • Working close button in OSX.
  • LZX compressor support.
  • Improved constants for 10 band EQ.
  • New font: Topaz 1.3 & Topaz 2.0 (8x8)
Bugs Fixed:
  • (Unix) JACK client thread gets zombified causing playback to block.
  • Crash when using the '-orientation ROTATE90CW' switch on SDL versions.
  • Screen input lock after showing a system message.
  • Bug in xm loader for old xm variant causing 8 bit samples to not load correctly.
  • Added FT2 note range clipping to live playback.
  • Improved live recording note-off.
  • Crash when unable to open a directory.
  • Experimental mod exporter fix.
  • Volume scale default volume for empty instrument/samples.
  • Modplug XM importer fix.
  • Crash when MilkyTracker attempts to load a non-existant file.
  • Dialog initalization bug (caused focus to miss in edit fields etc).
  • Font selection bug.
  • Mouse repeat bug on SDL version.
  • Small bug in SDL Midi code.
  • Little bug in the advanced edit panel (limit of subsequent channels).
  • Undefined .XM sample type 0x3 causes sample loop to appear "one shot".
  • Instrument vibrato depth value gets doubled when copying instruments.
  • PSM loader can now store sub-song information correctly.
  • XM loading problems with 16-bit odd sample sizes.
  • Support for callbacks on systems that don't use C style function calls (ie, OS/2)
  • Instrument fadeout value initially doesn't match the slider position when adding new instruments to a loaded module.
  • Selecting an instrument with the numpad doesn't update the instrument or sample editors with the selected instrument, but with the previous one.
  • Bug in auto-detection of playmode for XM modules (panning was not set).
  • Set envelope position after sustain points.
  • Ignored lower 3 bits of finetune for more accurate FT2 playback
  • Crash while loading sample during playback
  • Screen refresh issues
  • Problem with French keyboard layout.
  • The current pattern length under the song title isn't updated when the mod is zapped.
  • Shrinking a 2-row pattern isn't possible.
  • Undoing an action doesn't register as a change.
  • A slight graphical bug occurs when using the seq and cln buttons on the FEth pattern of a mod.
  • Crash when converting sample resolution.
  • Lots of other smalls bugs not worth mentioning.

Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

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