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SABnzbd+ 0.6.14 - Web-interface based binary newsgrabber.. (Free)

SABnzbd+ 0.6.14 - Web-interface based binary newsgrabber.. (Free): "

SABnzbdPlus is a web-interface based binary newsgrabber written in python, with nzb file support.

SABnzbdPlus is a free news client with many abilities, such as:

  • Download files from your newshost
  • Access the news client from any internet connection. Connect from work, school, wherever and tell SABnzbd to download. Your downloads are ready when you get home.
  • No more repairing or unpacking. SABnzbdPlus handles the dirty work for you. You tell it what to download and when it is done, SABnzbdPlus will repair the download, unpack it, and clean up the mess. Leaving you with nothing but the files you wanted.
  • Full nzb support

This is the OS X build - everything packed in one convenient universal application. Just download, point, click and run. Almost no configuration required.

Version 0.6.14:

  • When retrying an URL fetch from History, remove the History entry
  • Fix job folder creation by Movie Sort when the Sort expression specifies one
  • Fix problem with retrieving ZIP files from some web sites
  • Improve detection of encrypted RAR files during download
  • When par2 fails and SFV-check enabled, verify using SFV files
  • Perform extra checks on job administration
  • Fix logging of pre-queue script result
  • Better support for Yahoo pipes
  • Accept NZB files containing incorrect dates
  • Make sure that paths coming from Sorting are normalized for the platform
  • Make newzbin "Get bookmarks now" button independent of automatic readout
  • Don't reset watched folder path to default when it doesn't exist at startup
  • OS X: Fix Growl issues
  • OS X: Show the promised 10 queue entries in the OS X menu instead of 9
  • Note: the above are the differences from 0.6.10 as 0.6.11 and 0.6.12 are withdrawn

Mac OS X 10.4 or later

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(Via MacUpdate - Mac OS X.)

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