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DVDpedia 5.1.4 - DVD cataloging tool with iTunes-like interface. (Shareware)

DVDpedia 5.1.4 - DVD cataloging tool with iTunes-like interface. (Shareware): "

DVDpedia is a powerful movie cataloging application that retrieves all information about your DVDs and videos from the internet.

Search numerous international sites for information about your movies, either by entering keywords or using a webcam or a scanner. You can create smart collections and start a wish list and a borrowed list so you never loose a DVD again. View your entries as a standard list, browse only the covers in grid view or Cover Flow or use the details view for a personalized look of DVDpedia. Share your collection with friends, using the customizable HTML export templates.

Version 5.1.4:


  • New: 'Last Seen History' toolbar button
  • New: If an error should occur in the Amazon Settings window, it is now selectable to copy information that might be useful to the user
  • New: All images retina ready
  • New: Highlighted 'My Rating' stars in list view now golden
  • New: Updated 'My Rating' stars in Add/Edit window for easier clicking and golden with outline for possible stars instead of dots
  • Bug fix: Spanish and French accents are ignored for index creation during export
  • Bug fix: Toolbar buttons were not being enabled based on the current selection options
  • Bug fix: Amazon Settings window would continue to expand for additional sign up errors
  • Bug fix: Covers would not rearrange in cover view after changing the currently sorted attribute
  • Bug fix: Removed NSReadOnlyPersistentStoreOption warning in console when importing Spotlight data
  • Bug fix: Last Seen per year statistic now reflects the history of the entry, instead of only the last year it was seen
  • Bug fix: Removing the current Last Seen History now updates Last Seen to the most recent date
  • Bug fix: Last Seen statistics are now based on the Last Seen history and not the Last Seen field
  • Bug fix: Under Mountain Lion a Bluetooth scanner might not pair with DVDpedia
  • Bug fix: Cover flow did not update immediately after an external image was copy pasted into the main image view
  • Bug fix: Sometimes when switching between search sites the error message for 'no results' might contain a limit description that was incorrect
  • Bug fix: If the database is empty then a sync from Pocketpedia brings in the Pockeptedia data. Great for users who only owned Pocketpedia and decide to add DVDpedia. (This will not bring in cover images but those can be dowlnoaded with 'Download Cover from Doghouse' contextual menu command, found in the cover image well.)
  • Bug fix: Bol IT has been replaced by Mondadori
  • Bug fix: DVD Fr updated to stop returning results for wrong UPC searches
  • Bug fix: EzyDVD udpated to include Director and Starring again
  • Bug fix: Cinefacts updated
  • Bug fix: DVD Store would bring in garbled HTML characters
  • Bug fix: Improved matches on TMDb with IMDb number
  • Bug fix: IMDb Genre and Rating fields were missing and/or garbled text
  • Update: IMDb updated for better matches
  • Update: Movie Collectorz importer to handle some small changes to their XML

OS X 10.5 or later

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