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VideoSpec 0.9.7 - Displays video file information in detail.. (Free)

VideoSpec 0.9.7 - Displays video file information in detail.. (Free): "

VideoSpec is a free AppleScript studio App (Xcode 3.0 on Leopard) making use of MediaInfo CLI, MPlayer, FFmpeg, qt_tools and AtomicParsley binaries to display detailed informations on video files. Compatibility of analyzed media file with QuickTime Player v.7.6.x is provided with indication on the installation status of the displayed QuickTime Component and its download link as well as compatibility with iPod/iPhone/iPad/AppleTV. Suggestion on alternate movie player to QuickTime Player is proposed and preview of video files is available using mplayer binary tool. Integration of Bitrate Pro adds calculation capacity with multimedia files. A timecode calculator/converter can perform calculations on duration and video conversions. Finally, Aspect Ratio and pixel dimensions calculators are available.

Version 0.9.7:Please delete the property list file 'com.houdini.VideoSpec.plist' located in ~/Library/Preferences.

  • New height and width calculators ​​('Height' and 'Width' tabs in 'Tools' panel).
  • MediaInfo CLI (v0.7.60), ffprobe (git-N-47321-gdaede25) and mplayer (SVN-r35541) tools updated.
  • Bug fixed in multiple analysis reports.
  • Bug fixed for compatibility between DV formats and mplayer visualization.
  • Images added in VideoSpec Help (icons).
  • Bug fixed in audio stream analysis for some Bluray
  • Updated compatibility results with latest Apple hardware (iPad and AppleTV2 3-4, iPod Touch, iPod nano).

OS X 10.5 or later

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