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SimpleMovieX 3.11 - Edit QuickTime format videos.. (Shareware)

SimpleMovieX 3.11 - Edit QuickTime format videos.. (Shareware): "

SimpleMovieX ... Enter the age of Personal Video. Easy and fun. And here are a few examples of why you will use it:

Brend: 'I record TV programs and then I remove all the commercials. It's fast, it's clean.'

Alvaro: 'After the week-end, my mobile phone is full of 3gp shorts, I pass them to my iBook and convert them in one shot. On Monday I share with my friends.'

Adrian: 'I have tons of DVDs with music concerts, and I want to split them into songs, then put them in iTunes.'

Fabrice: 'My digital camera can also record short movies, but the sound is not well syncronized'

Mel: 'I'm compiling all those Stephen Colbert videos that I've found in Google Video into a 90 minutes program.'

Richard: 'Legal depositions are recorded in MPEG format. I use SimpleMovieX to prepare them for court.'

Version 3.11:


  • Built for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion
  • Improved opening speed of large files.
  • Fixed app becoming becoming unresponsive when loading long duration MP3 and AAC files.
  • Adapted to Amazon API changes, otherwise metadata fetching would stop working in Oct'2011
  • Several crasher bug fixes in saving and splitting operations

  • Mac OS X 10.6 or later
  • QuickTime 7 (Pro not required).

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