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Oolite 1.77 - Pirate & bounty hunting sim game (Beta).. (Free)

Oolite 1.77 - Pirate & bounty hunting sim game (Beta).. (Free): "

Oolite is a space sim game, written for Mac OS X in Objective C using Cocoa and OpenGL.

It was written as my response to the withdrawal of Elite - The New Kind from the internet. Although inspired by the work of Christian Pinder, following David Braben and Ian Bell, the work is an independent interpretation and expansion of the original game.

Oolite is designed as a small game that is easy for users to pick up and expand upon. Almost every aspect of the game can be modified using simple, free graphics packages and text-editors.

Version 1.77:


  • Enabled reverse-stepping through list of beacons shown by the Advanced Space Compass. The default key is '' (Shift-'').
  • Energy bomb made strict mode only.
  • Ships with a bounty will often avoid the main station
  • A certain classified device is now possible to repair and has had minor changes to its behaviour.
  • Improvements to sound effect handling for scoop and laser
  • Several efficiency improvements for smoother gameplay
  • New combat behaviour and AI, including:
    • More consistent missile explosion behaviour
    • marter Thargoids
    • Smarter use of turret weapons
    • Better reactions against cloaked opponents
    • Better reaction to deployment of Q-mines
    • NPCs can now use side weapons
    • NPC lasers now equivalent to player lasers in terms of rate of fire and overheating.
  • Gamma control for SDL builds
  • System populator cleaner, and hermits now semi-persistent
  • Longer visibility distance
  • Criminal behaviour sanctions now equivalent for player and NPCs
  • Witchspace exit speed now depends on the lead ship, and player following NPC through a wormhole now behaves better.
  • Keyboard precision mode
  • Stations can now have multiple docks
  • Docking Clearance Protocol now a Game Option
  • Interfaces screen on docked F4 for accessing arbitrary station or ship systems. Passenger and cargo contracts moved to this screen; parcel contracts added.
  • Can switch to custom views while paused
  • Improved rendering of planetary atmosphere and sun
  • New 'b' key for activation of secondary function of primable equipment (e.g. a mode switch)
  • New starfield textures
  • New laser textures
  • New exhaust textures
  • Mac specific: ctrl-cmd-f is the new toggle key for full screen display
Expansion Pack Development:


  • New events:
  • New commands:
    • addFoundTargetAsDefenseTarget
    • addPrimaryAggressorAsDefenseTarget
    • broadcastEnergyBlastImminent
    • clearDefenseTargets
    • findNewDefenseTarget
    • performLandOnPlanet
    • performScriptedAI
    • performScriptedCombatAI
    • recallStoredTarget
    • setTargetToLastStation
    • setTargetToRandomStation
    • storeTarget
  • Higher skill combat AIs available through 'accuracy' setting
  • Full frame-by-frame control over ship AI now available from script
Config Files:
  • Required space in equipment.plist now works as intended
  • damage_probability setting in equipment.plist
  • Ship role list now automatically includes '[shipDataKey]'; roles beginning with '[' are forbidden.
  • Shipdata weapon_facings property to set available laser mounts
  • bright_fraction property for flasher subentities
  • Crosshair plist files separate from HUD
  • Several new descriptions.plist and missiontext.plist entries
  • New effectdata.plist to define visual effects - items with a visual appearance, and perhaps a scanner and compass signal, but no physical presence. These can be used to supplement/replace break patterns, among other effects.
  • shipdata.plist exhaust z-size now acts as a z-scale within the range 0.5 to 2.0. Out of range values default to 1.0 = standard size
  • cloud_alpha property in planetinfo.plist to control atmosphere opacity
  • Various debug console improvements
  • Additional 'b' key and mode() function for primable equipment
  • 'Dock' entity type, for control over docking and launching, especially in multidock stations.
  • More parameters for mission.markSystem, to allow custom markers
  • Condition scripts for equipment, ships, and shipyard to replace legacy conditions.
  • Numerous additional options for mission.runScreen, and related properties for mission objects
  • 'VisualEffect' entity type, for management of effects defined through effectdata.plist
  • guiScreenChanged fires for entering mission screens
  • TAF changes only possible when FPS display is active (Test Release builds only)
  • Planettool updated
Bug fixes:
  • 'sendAllShipsAway' no longer tries to send ships without a hyperspace motor away.
  • Added missing new keyboard controls to the BBC keyconfig.plist
  • Scoop icon fixed for ships carrying special cargo
  • Docking behaviour now more reliable at low frame rates and at odd approach angles
  • Negative ship distances on HUD fixed
  • Laser position display fix
  • Target system memory expansion now works properly with cloaked ships
  • Cargo rounding and save/load bugs fixed
  • Advanced Navigation Array display bug fixed
  • Being on board a witchspacing carrier now works more sensibly
  • Larger witchbuoys no longer a collision risk
  • Several crash bugs fixed
  • Turret declarations now work as intended
  • Planetinfo overrides now cleaned up from savegames
  • Problems with wormholes in zero-distance doubles fixed
  • Fines now only applied at main stations
  • Attempting to calculate a route to or from interstellar space no longer crashes
  • Scooped and released escape pods work properly

Mac OS X 10.5 or later

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