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Sky Chart 3.6 - Draw astronomical charts of the night sky and more. (Free)

Sky Chart 3.6 - Draw astronomical charts of the night sky and more. (Free): "

Sky Chart is a software to draw charts of the night sky for the amateur astronomer from a bunch of stars and nebulae catalogs. Show the position of the planets, simulate any eclipse or look at the artificial satellite. It can also drive the telescope.

Version 3.6:


  • Change the way the „Show grid' buttons are working.
  • Add „Show compass' button.
  • Add distance measurement tool, add „Measure distance' button.
  • Add chart legend. See menu Chart / Labels
  • Add option to only show the meridian lines.
  • Increase planet simulation up to 500 positions, no change for comets and asteroids.
  • Can change the color for lines and nebulae from the catalog setting.
  • Add Tirion constellation figures created by James Trogolo
Catalog and data:
  • New default star catalog based on Extended Hipparcos to replace the BSC and Sky2000.
  • Add user defined objects in catalog setting.
  • New online Internet resources:
  • Add any catalog from Vizier, allow for full or partial download.
  • Search Simbad, NED, Vizier.
  • Link object detail to Simbad, NED, HyperLeda.
Projection mapping:
  • Add Mercator projection.
  • Cartesian and Mercator projection are rotated to the screen center for full sky coverage.
  • Change the default projection to Tangent for FOV up to 90 deg. and Mercator for wider fields.
  • Limit the use of Arc projection to 250 deg. FOV.
  • Limit the vision of objects below the horizon to 180 deg. FOV.
Coordinates computation:
  • Improved precision of the apparent coordinates (many thanks to P. Wallace for its help):
  • Star parallax
  • Take account of the radial velocity to compute the proper motions.
  • Light deflection by the Sun.
  • Extended time validity for nutation and aberration if using DE422.
  • Compute the precession using „New precession expressions, valid for long time intervals, J. Vondrak, 2011'
  • Compute DeltaT values from „Five Millennium Canon of Solar Eclipses, Espenak & Meeus, 2006'
  • Extend the allowed date to +/- 200'000 years
  • Improved precision in the display of FITS images by using WCStools. Can show the images with transparency.
Internet connection:
  • Allow to use Socks proxy

OS X 10.4 or later

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