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CDpedia 5.0.1 - CD management system with iTunes-like interface.. (Shareware)

CDpedia 5.0.1 - CD management system with iTunes-like interface.. (Shareware): "

CDpedia is a CD manager software. Its familiar iTunes style interface makes it easy to use. It integrates with iTunes so that you may know what CDs in your collection you have imported.

Version 5.0.1:


  • Improved relevance ranking for Doghouse search results
  • Improved results when searching for more info on existing entries
  • Return appropriate cover for UPC searches when available
  • Default associate ID is automatically inserted for users who do not provide one during sign up
  • Included database validation during upgrade to make upgrade experience from version 4 smoother
  • When adding a duplicate, the warning now displays the book title instead of ISBN number
  • Alapage search plug-in updated
  • Open Library search plugin updated
  • Bug fix: Open Library search plug-in fix for incoming number of pages would cause validation error
  • Bug fix: z39.50 Help link was not working and could hang the program
  • Bug fix: Custom text field was not allowing multiple lines and was mistakenly included in the autofill
  • Bug fix: Selection was not scrolled into view in cover view after returning from a filtered view
  • Bug fix: Statistics could show a plain blue screen for users running OS X 10.5
  • Bug fix: Localizations errors fixed
  • Bug fix: Doghouse moderator collections were not displaying data in the user's language
  • Bug fix: Text exports did not translate new half star rating correctly

Mac OS X 10.4.9 or later

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(Via MacUpdate - Mac OS X.)

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