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Delivery Status 5.6 - Check delivery status of packages.. (Free)

Delivery Status 5.6 - Check delivery status of packages.. (Free): "

Delivery Status displays delivery status of packages for a variety of shipment services.

Can't wait for your packages to arrive? Don't waste your time checking the site constantly, just open this all-in-one delivery tracker and enter your order number or tracking number. The status will update automatically for you, and even count down the days! It also works with Growl to give you pop-up message, email notifications, and more, whenever your package status changes.

Delivery Status lets you track your deliveries from:

  • (US and Canada)
  •,,,,,, and
  • (including all international stores)
  • Aramex
  • Canada Post (Postes Canada)
  • DHL (US, Germany, and GlobalMail)
  • DPD (Germany)
  • FedEx and FedEx SmartPost
  • GLS Germany
  • Google Checkout
  • Hermes Logistik Gruppe (HLG, Germany)
  • Japan Post (EMS, Yu-Pack, Registered Mail, and Morning 10 Overnight Mail)
  • Nintendo (US and Canada)
  • Parcelforce
  • Purolator
  • Royal Mail
  • Poste Italiane (Paccocelere1, Paccocelere3, Postacelere1, PaccocelereMaxi, and PaccocelereInternazionale)
  • Posten (Norway)
  • Posten (Sweden)
  • Sagawa Express
  • TNT
  • UPS and UPS Mail Innovations
  • US Postal Service
  • …and More

More information

Version 5.6:

New features:

  • Deliveries are now automatically sorted by delivery date when they’re updated. If you like you can turn this off in the settings, or by manually rearranging your deliveries.
  • Australia Post and are now supported.
  • TNT Post is now PostNL, and USPS has been updated for their new site.


  • Improvements for Apple, Amazon, Adobe, and DHL Germany.
  • Improvements to syncing speed and reliability.
  • If there’s a syncing error, the sync settings will now display automatically so you can fix the problem.
  • Now supports Growl 1.3.
  • The zip code is no longer filled in automatically if it’s not required.
  • Deliveries that were found but don’t have any information yet will no longer show an alert icon. (For example, pre-orders for items on Amazon that don’t have a release date yet.)
  • If cookies are disabled, and you’re using a service that requires them, you’ll now get a message explaining the problem.
  • Removed ASIHTTPRequest and replaced it with simpler, custom code. This decreases memory usage and improves stability.
  • Improved validation of service definition updates.
  • The OS version is now included when syncing, to help us improve the service.
  • Many other little things we hope you’ll appreciate if you notice them.

Bug fixes:

  • Service definition updates will work more reliably so that you no longer need to press ⌘R after an update.
  • Fixed a bug where "Other" deliveries with an invalid date (like September 31st) would not sync correctly. An adjusted date (like October 1st) would appear in the widget, but the date would be missing on iOS. The adjusted date now syncs as expected.
  • Fixed some localization problems with dates in French.
  • Fixed a bug where a delivery that was deleted and then re-added via sync might appear blank.
  • Deliveries from unsupported services will no longer sync. (For example if you add a delivery for a new service, then sync to an older version that doesn’t include that service.)

Mac OS X 10.5 or later

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(Via MacUpdate - Mac OS X.)

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