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Adapter 1.3 - Audio and video converter.. (Free)

Adapter 1.3 - Audio and video converter.. (Free): "

Adapter is a free image, audio and video converter for Mac. Its FFmpeg-powered engine allows you to convert many different file types to another. Video to video, video to audio, audio to audio and image to image are all supported. Additionally, Adapter allows you to download Flash media from websites (like YouTube, CNN, Dailymotion and more) to convert for personal usage.

Feature Highlights:

  • Quick drag & drop media converting from a single batch queue
  • Real-time output file size estimation (know file sizes before you convert)
  • Convenient presets for many different devices, like iPhone, iPad and PS3
  • Active Preview system to quickly see how your output media will look
  • 64-bit multi-threaded, multi-core FFmpeg backend for fast encoding
  • Passthrough detection to determine when to copy streams for faster encodes
  • Support for iPhone ringtones from any video or audio source
  • Import media directly into iTunes

Version 1.3:
  • all-new interface appearance
  • simplified single source queue for all media conversions
  • codec passthrough support for faster conversions when using same-as-source settings
  • all-new Active Preview real-time display to show current settings effects
  • convenient recently used presets category
  • quickly determine whether a conversion will succeed given current settings
  • faster multi-thread, multi-core conversion back-end
  • color-coded status icons to quickly determine each source file status
  • dynamic, collapsible output settings panels based on output preset type
  • improved source media file validation when adding to source queue
  • codec passthrough support for faster conversions when using same-as-source settings
  • smoother experience for downloading necessary updated components
  • prevent floating point resolutions from appearing in source queue using custom values
  • fixed bugs stemming from FFmpeg changes in 5.1 and H.264 format handling

Mac OS X 10.6 or later

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