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LogMeIn 4.0.1940 - Connect to your Mac computers from anywhere in the world.. (Free)

LogMeIn 4.0.1940 - Connect to your Mac computers from anywhere in the world.. (Free): "

LogMeIn enables you to connect to your Mac computers from anywhere in the world; from any other Internet-enabled Mac, Windows PC, or hand-held device. The remote control feature in LogMeIn Free means you can view and control your Mac desktop and applications just as if you were sitting at the computer. Just like LogMeIn Free for the PC, Mac users can add an unlimited number of their computers for free.

Version 4.0.1940:

New Features:

  • The LogMeIn host software now supports Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.
  • The Remote Control plugin now supports Safari 5.1.
  • You can install the LogMeIn host software with a specific deploy ID from the command line with the following command:sudo installer -pkg LogMeIn Installer.pkg -target /
  • Remote control sessions log more detailed debug information. To enable debug-level logging, open the host user interface and go to Options > Preferences > Advanced > Event Logs.
  • LogMeIn Pro² has been renamed to LogMeIn Pro.
  • xcRemote control sessions in High and Compressed quality modes look smoother.
  • Default session timeout has been modified from 20 to 60 minutes. To change this setting, open the host user interface and go to Options > Preferences > Advanced > Network.
  • Files downloaded during automatic update are now signed with a new certificate that has 4096 bit encryption with SHA256 file verification.
  • Interactive remote control permissions did not work properly on Mac hosts. To set these permissions, open the host user interface and go to Options > Preferences > General> Host side user's consent. For information about the available permissions, see
  • In some cases, the host user interface closed after defining proxy settings.
  • The LogMeIn icons have changed on the Dock.
  • Logging behaved unexpectedly if you switched off the LogMeIn host from the Dock. In this case, either the log file contained incorrect errors or logging stopped.
  • On the host user interface, the DNS name of the computer was displayed instead of the computer name. You can set your computer name in Apple menu > System Preferences > Sharing.
  • It was not possible to read user-defined proxy settings in Firefox 5, therefore, remote control did not start. You can define Firefox proxy settings in Tools > Options > Advanced > Network tab > Connection.
  • Localization of the Dashboard and the host user interface has been improved.
  • The following issues occurred if you used special characters in computer names:
    • It was possible to type special characters, such as CRLF or Tab in to the host name field during host installation. This made it impossible to log in to the host.
    • Text between < and > characters in the computer name was not displayed in Compact mode.
  • Performance viewer on the Dashboard was incorrectly scaled and the top of the diagram was cut if CPU usage went above 30%.
  • The host user interface behaved unexpectedly if it was used to switch off LogMeIn.
  • The following issues occurred when you installed the LogMeIn host software:
    • The installer displayed an undefined error if the computer name contained more than 80 characters.
    • The installer accepted an empty computer name.
  • The host installer did not display any notification if silent installation failed. This only occurred if you used an installer package that exceeded its deployment limit.
  • In some cases, remote control stopped after attaching and detaching remote printers.
  • Setting network speed to Fast during remote control had no effect on screen refresh rate.

Mac OS X 10.4 or later, Free LogMeIn account.

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(Via MacUpdate - Mac OS X.)

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