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HandBrakeBatch 2.17 - Batch convert files with HandBrake.. (Free)

HandBrakeBatch 2.17 - Batch convert files with HandBrake.. (Free): "

HandBrakeBatch is a fully independent application which uses HandBrake video converter under the hood, and allows you to drag & drop a bunch of files at the same time, and convert them using any of the default HandBrake presets. With version 2.0, I have added the most requested feature: support for multiple audio languages and subtitles.

The application is Charityware (if you find the application useful, please go ahead and donate! I have selected some charities, but feel free to suggest more and I will consider adding them) and licensed under GPL (as HandBrake is). The source is available on, and the complete application is available here. A wiki is also available on github, with additional information (release notes, requested features, etc.). If you find problems, please send me a message or add an issue on github.

Version 2.17:
  • New: After conversion, automatically quit the application, put the Mac to sleep, or shut it down
  • New: Auto save and load the conversion queue
  • New: Burn subtitles - Only works with DVD VobSub subtitles (from DVD, MP4 and MKV sources) and ASS/SSA subtitles (from MKV sources)
  • Fixed: Check on duplicates (not possible to add the same file twice)

OS X 10.7 or later

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