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Plex Media Server - Seamlessly connect your Plex clients with your local media.. (Free)

Plex Media Server - Seamlessly connect your Plex clients with your local media.. (Free): "

Plex Media Server seamlessly connects your Plex clients with all of your local and online media. The combination of centralized library management, streaming of online content, and powerful transcoding functionality provides an unrivaled level of flexibility and ease of use.

Plex Media Server runs on your Mac, PC, or compatible NAS device and serves your media to all of your Plex clients including Plex-enabled mobile devices and 2011 LG Smart TVs.


  • Effortlessly organize your media into a versatile library
  • Native Cocoa and web-based versions provide local and network access to management features
  • Automatically retrieve metadata from the Internet
  • Complete customization of your library with a few clicks
  • Automatic updates when new local content is added



  • Read some EXIF data for photos and allow filtering on it.
  • Add support for filtering videos by resolution.
  • Improve filtering/sorting options for specific types.
  • Transcoder now goes idle when it gets ahead, saves CPU, helps multiple sessions coexist.
  • (DLNA) MPEGTS target supports transcode throttling (lower CPU usage).
  • (DLNA) MPEGTS target supports audio stream picking and subtitle burning.
  • Use Plex/Web for the default manager now across platforms (option + click uses old Cocoa manager).
  • Added Sony 2011 DLNA profile from (thanks to yardco & tcviper).
  • (API) Add /library/metadata/X/split and /library/metadata/X/merge?ids=a,b,c endpoints.
  • (API) Add /library/clean/media to delete unused media bundles.
  • (API) Add /library/clean/bundles to delete unused bundles.
  • (API) Add ?checkFiles=1 parameter to /library/metadata/X endpoint to check for existence/access for files.
  • (API) Add /library/metadata/X//[addremove] endpoints to allow adding/removing tags from items.
  • (API) Add new unviewedLeafCount/unwatched/unwatchedLeaves filter fields.
  • (API) Allow >=, <=, and != operators on filter fields.
  • (API) Added a new /library/onDeck global On Deck endpoint.
  • (API) Added fledgling new endpoints /transcode/sessions (and corresponding DELETE /transcode/sessions/).
  • (API) Pass back default sort/direction in /sorts.
  • (API) Added lots more details to WebSocket notifications.
  • An issue which could result in On Deck items being ordered incorrectly or empty.
  • Don't pass back filenames for shared sections.
  • An issue where season art for date-based shows wouldn't get loaded the first scan.
  • A few memory leaks and a socket leak.
  • An issue which could lead to the media server becoming unresponsive and crashing with no network.
  • Recently Viewed Show count bumped to 25.
  • When signing out of myPlex, deregister server in cloud.
  • Fix some photos not getting thumbnails.
  • (Windows) Crash when enabling network logging.
  • Crash analyzing some .TS files.
  • Speed up photo scanning greatly.
  • 1/16 of the time, we were incorrectly computing OpenSubtitles hashes. Existing ones are repaired.
  • Attempt to work around newer LG TVs causing PMS to churn with big music sections.
  • Date-based episodes could be inappropriately merged.
  • Store format of sidecar subtitles.
  • Rare issue where HTTP server could stop accepting new connections.
  • Massive speedup when computing number of watched episodes for a show.
  • Quitting PMS during startup could lead to a hang.
  • Move the deletion preference into the library preferences group.
  • Fix a crash in JSON serialization.
  • Tweak to phrasing for episode sort list.
  • Don't refresh metadata when asked to re-analyze media.
  • Fix an occasion hang where the media server would become unresponsive to requests.
  • Watched/unwatched episode counts could get out of sync after a scan.
  • Filter out non-ASCI characters from EXIF tags.
  • Scanner crashes analyzing DNG files from Lightroom 4.1
  • Occasional crash when scanner exits.
  • Sort files before handing them to the scanners.
  • Run photo and music analysis two at a time, which speeds things up even more.
  • Reduction of memory and thread usage.
  • (DLNA) Fixes for remote/shared server access.
  • (DLNA) Fix when DlnaDeviceDiscoveryInterval was 0.
  • (DLNA) Fix issue with XBox360 and MOV files with 64-bit offsets.
  • (DLNA) OnBrowseMetadata returned wrong content, fixes XBMC playback.
  • (DLNA) Profile for Panasonic Viera TVs.
  • (API) Send back titles with library timeline notifications (for Plex/Web).
  • (API) An issue where WebSocket got closed prematurely.
  • (API) WebSocket handshake failed when URL has X-Plex-Token in it.
  • (API) A few WebSockets crashes.
  • (API) Ensure lastAccessedAt attribute always present for channel listing.
  • (API) Ensure the endpoint which stops a scan doesn't return until the scan actually stops.
  • (API) Return library section XML when POSTing a new section.
  • (API) Fix a case where library background art endpoint didn't work.
  • (API) Allow PUT /library/metadata/X to take multiple IDs.
  • (API) myPlex signups work again.
  • (API) Return errors from myPlex when signups don't work.
  • (API) When sorting by title, actually use the sort title.
  • (API) Expose Flash/Silverlight installation state, start state via root XML.

Mac OS X 10.6.3 or later

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(Via MacUpdate - Mac OS X.)

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