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Adapter 1.3.1 - Audio and video converter.. (Free)

Adapter 1.3.1 - Audio and video converter.. (Free): "

Adapter is a free image, audio and video converter for Mac. Its FFmpeg-powered engine allows you to convert many different file types to another. Video to video, video to audio, audio to audio and image to image are all supported. Additionally, Adapter allows you to download Flash media from websites (like YouTube, CNN, Dailymotion and more) to convert for personal usage.

Feature Highlights:

  • Quick drag & drop media converting from a single batch queue
  • Real-time output file size estimation (know file sizes before you convert)
  • Convenient presets for many different devices, like iPhone, iPad and PS3
  • Active Preview system to quickly see how your output media will look
  • 64-bit multi-threaded, multi-core FFmpeg backend for fast encoding
  • Passthrough detection to determine when to copy streams for faster encodes
  • Support for iPhone ringtones from any video or audio source
  • Import media directly into iTunes

Version 1.3.1:
  • delete and backspace keys now remove items from source queue
  • added Apple Lossless (ALAC) encoder to audio presets
  • added output presets for Motorola Xoom, Nook Tablet and PlayStation Vita
  • more control over Growl notifications in Preferences
  • option to import converted images directly to iPhoto
  • links to FFmpeg and Perian web sites when downloading additional components
  • improved output file size estimation for downloaded items
  • added ability to output in grayscale for PNG and TIFF presets
  • more convenience to auto-queueing downloads to converter queue
  • most recent downloads now appear on left side for quicker access
  • improved navigation (back, forward, reload) buttons in downloader
  • prevent custom odd-numbered height and width values to prevent incompatible outputs
  • better background pattern drawing to prevent swimming effect during resizes
  • pause preview playback when switching to downloader tab
  • prevent multiple copies of downloaded items from appearing in source queue
  • better memory performance after removing items from source queue
  • fixed an issue with toolbar item disabling when aborting a conversion

Mac OS X 10.6 or later

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(Via MacUpdate - Mac OS X.)

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