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DVDpedia 5.0.3 - DVD cataloging tool with iTunes-like interface.. (Shareware)

DVDpedia 5.0.3 - DVD cataloging tool with iTunes-like interface.. (Shareware): "

DVDpedia is a powerful movie cataloging application that retrieves all information about your DVDs and videos from the internet.

Search numerous international sites for information about your movies, either by entering keywords or using a webcam or a scanner. You can create smart collections and start a wish list and a borrowed list so you never loose a DVD again. View your entries as a standard list, browse only the covers in grid view or Cover Flow or use the details view for a personalized look of DVDpedia. Share your collection with friends, using the customizable HTML export templates.

Version 5.0.3:

  • Statistic counts, when displaying the same amount, are now sub-sorted in alphabetical order
  • Folders are no longer displayed as options for the details view style menu when present in the users customizable InfoTemplates folder
  • Using the toolbar view button to leave the statistics would mean the program would show statistics again after adding a new entry
  • Last name sorting takes into account middle name for sorting, e.g. "Johann Christian Bach" versus "Johann Sebastian Bach"
  • Faster last name sorting
  • Film Affinity plug-in now imports a user's rating if logged in
  • Improvements to the FTP feature to make it faster and more stable
  • Allow paste into a multi-value field (blue bubbles) to go into the edited bubble instead of creating a new one
  • Drag and drop of Doghouse URLs to add items into a collection
  • Fixes:
  • Plug-in fix: BOL NL plug-in updated
  • Bug fix: IMDb and DVDPalace plug-ins could de a double search based on title when an entry had an IMDb or URL number associated with it
  • Bug fix: iPod classic export could fail for some users who had to then create the directory by hand
  • Bug fix: previously three lines or more in a multi-value bubble field might hide the fourth line instead of expanding to display it
  • Bug fix: sorting by last name where the other deep sorting field orders would get ignored
  • Bug fix: links imported from .dvdpedia files exported with version 5 format
  • Bug fix: migrating from version 4 to 5, smart collections with My Rating criteria less than or greater than were not updated correctly
  • Bug fix: previous update to selecting a collection with the mouse broke keyboard navigation of the tab and shift-tab among the collection, entry view and search field
  • Bug fix: in certain situations the HUD display for selecting a link to open when more than one link is present would not work
  • Bug fix: on launch the search field did not display its label which showed what the filter search was set to

Mac OS X 10.5 or later

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