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Bookpedia 5.0.2 - Book cataloging utility with iTunes-like interface.. (Shareware)

Bookpedia 5.0.2 - Book cataloging utility with iTunes-like interface.. (Shareware): "

Bookpedia is a book cataloging software for Mac OS X. To save you time and effort it retrieves book information from the Internet, either by entering keywords or using a webcam or a scanner. Create smart collections and start a wish list and a borrowed list so you never loose a book again. View your entries as a standard list, browse only the covers in grid view or Cover Flow or use the details view for a personalized look of Bookpedia. Share your collection with friends, using the customizable HTML export templates.

Version 5.0.2:


  • When viewing an ePub file the arrow buttons in the Details view now work for navigating through the file.
  • Last name sorting for multiple authors now goes two authors deep. For more authors the full string is taken into account.
  • When sorting multiple authors by last name, the string with fewer names is sorted first.
  • Last name sorting takes into account Jr. and ignores it.
  • No longer removes hard coded tags from export templates when they are turned off in the details view display.
  • Automatic page break added for printing now has a class name of "pageBreak" for CSS styling if necessary, such as page numbers with the CSS counter property.
  • Help button links added to the preference tabs: Fields, Sites and Autofill.
  • Last selection is now stored in the plist file for better DropBox support, to avoid modifying the database when only browsing.
  • Help file now includes an exact list of fields that are contributed to Doghouse.
  • Typing a letter to arrive at the index point on the sorted column takes into account the "sort" field if it's being used to modify the sort order on the selected column.
  • Search text is now placed in clipboard for copy/paste into the add manually window after a failed search.
  • Collection listing leaves item view selected when changing collections to allow for use of keyboard shortcuts on items.
  • Plug-in menu additions now also appear in the contextual menu for an entry as well as in the main menu.


  • Doghouse searches with 10 digit ISBNs ending in lowercase "x" could fail to find results.
  • Bug fix: Collections were not re-sorting after editing an entry in the edit panel and changing the currently sorted field.
  • Bug Fix: Creating a new database defaulted to show the save panel window inside the current database folder instead of Application Support.
  • Bug fix: My Rating in FancyIndex template now sorts correctly.
  • Bug fix: When adding a new item to a smart collection where it does not match, the wrong cover would be displayed for the selected item.

Mac OS X 10.5 or later

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