Montag, 30. Januar 2012

SubFinder 0.4 - Finds TV subtitles.. (Free)

SubFinder 0.4 - Finds TV subtitles.. (Free): "

SubFinder is a little application to get the subtitles of any TV show, by a right-click on the file.

This app provides a service and thus can be assigned to a keyboard shortcut.

This is an early working release. Do not hesitate to report bugs.

Version 0.4:
  • Rewritten from scratch
  • Multiple languages handled
  • Added fetching for movies
  • Fetching from Subscene
  • Added "Hearing impaired" detection
  • Implemented directories recursive search

Mac OS X 10.6 or later

Download Now"

(Via MacUpdate - Mac OS X.)

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Media Server Ps3 Mac hat gesagt…


This is really interesting take on the concept. I never thought of it that way. I came across this site recently which I think it will be a great use of new ideas and informations...