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MP4tools 3.2 - Create and edit .MP4 video files.. (Demo)

MP4tools 3.2 - Create and edit .MP4 video files.. (Demo): "

MP4tools is an offshoot of the current version of the popular conversion tools called MKVtools. It is a Mac OS X application used for the creation and editing of MP4 videos. It was primarily designed for processing videos files for use in hardware capable of playing MP4 or M4V videos, such as the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and PS3. As the name might imply, MP4tools is a graphical interface for a variety of 'tools' useful for processing video files.


  • Convert from a variety of video file formats like MKV, MP4, OGM and AVI into MP4 videos.
  • Can convert most videos without having to re-encode the video track and/or the audio track, so processing takes minutes instead of hours and no quality is lost.
  • Simplified, intuitive user interface that takes the guess work out of processing MP4 videos.
  • Ability to convert various surround sound audio to 5.1 AC3 or 5.1 AAC.
  • Intuitively select desired video, audio and/or subtitle tracks to process, with the ability to verify the selections using video preview.
  • Use presets for one step encoding for playback on common hardware such as the iPhone and Apple TV.
  • Burn (i.e., hard code) subtitle tracks into the video, or mux (soft subtitles) from internal tracks or from external subtitle files commonly found on the internet.
  • Control the font, size and positioning of the embedded subtitles.
  • Split MP4 videos into segments of a specified file size or by start/end time.
  • Adjust the Pixel Aspect Ratio of MP4 videos.
  • Join MP4 videos.
  • Extract the selected tracks from MP4 videos as individual video and/or audio files.
  • Add jobs to a queue either individually or in batches via drag and drop so you can process multiple files overnight (registered copies only).
  • Apply one setting to a group of files for easy batch creations (registered copies only).

Version 3.2:
  • Code has been completely rewritten from AppleScript to Obj-C so the chance of lingering bugs is high :-).
  • Improved general responsiveness of application
  • Fixed bug causing the app to crash when multiple files were queued.
  • Numerous fixes and improvements to joining.
  • Joining (2 files max) can now be tested in the non-registered version. Open a file and then use the Add File button to add a file to join.
  • Updated and improved the device list, including added support for iPad 3 and ATV 3
  • Updated encoder. See preferences for the option to use the legacy encoder method.
  • Added checks for volume permissions and disk space
  • Updated muxer should fix 'Invalid IsoMedia File' errors when editing mp4/m4v files
  • Resolved registration issue with systems where macports had overwritten 'user 501'
  • Windows can be re-sized.
  • ASS/SSA subtitles now burned with all formatting retained
    • Uses fontconfig, he says with his fingered crossed
    • Note, subtitle preferences are ignored since they are defined by the ASS/SSA subtitle track

OS X 10.6 or later

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(Via MacUpdate - Mac OS X.)

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