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TrailRunner 3.7.708 - Route planning for hiking, biking and more.. (Free)

TrailRunner 3.7.708 - Route planning for hiking, biking and more.. (Free): "

TrailRunner is the perfect companion for runners, bikers, hikers, and all people wandering under the sky. Plan routes on a geographical map. Import GPS or workout recordings and journalize your activities in a diary.


  • View Maps and Elevation Data from Internet mapping services like USGS topo maps.
  • Import GPS Recordings from Trails, iTrail and 321Run for iPhone.
  • Import workouts from the Nike + iPod Sport Kit.
  • Import tracks and workouts from GPS fitness devices like the Garmin ForeRunner or Garmin Edge.
  • Import/Export TCX, GPX, and KML files.
  • Describe favorite tracks and rate them with iTunes stars.
  • Plan routes interactively or automatically for a given distance.
  • Export route directions onto your iPod.
  • Journalize workouts in a diary, see your progress in a history chart.
  • Publish a WebLog to MobileMe.

Version 3.7.708:
  • Fixed: garmin importer empty results
  • Better: changing the helper application in Preferences now automatically updates the list of workouts to be imported from that source.
  • Better: added hint on wrong selected helper application if no workouts can be imported.
  • Better: when you quit TrailRunner with the diary window open, the diary window will again be the front window the next time you start the app.
  • Fixed: removal of last modified track markers in track network editor after autosave of document
  • Fixed: in track network merge, merge with waypoint touching a section containing that waypoint did not split the section.
  • Fixed: crash during import of SuuntoMoves data

OS X 10.7 or later

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